Sky Phone is one of the largest distributors of mobile phone accessories in Bulgaria, serving more than 200 clients.

With a young staff, our company is growing rapidly, winning new customers in Bulgaria. We import and distribute GSM accessories in Bulgaria and abroad. We are the official distributor of Nordic, Baseus, Hoco, Borofone, Remax, Usams Goodram, Devia, LDNIO, Yookie, Xiaomi in Bulgaria.

Our goal is to provide you with a wide range of high-quality accessories – both standard and customized to meet your individual needs.

Nowadays we have established relationships with sellers from other countries and sell to our customers in Greece, Cyprus and Romania.


Sky Phone priority is clients' satisfaction, therefore the most important thing for our experts is individual approach to customers.


We began business in 2006, as we were serving several customers in South Bulgaria. Each year was full of emotions and vicissitudes, and all that made us this what we are now. After 14 years today we serve more than 200 clients, we have 3 storehouses and our own stores.

In the begining we started with our own productions of leather phone cases in Bulgaria. Several years later we moved our produce in our factory in China. From 2015 till now we have a small factory in Guangzhou and export office in Shenzhen since 2013 .


Our products are a combination of high quality, functionality, stylish and practical design.

The skill and energy of our highly-qualified professionals guarantee the quality objectives of Sky Phone.


We are the direct importer of all the products we offer. Our Customers can be sure that they are buying goods at first hand.

Sky Phone is not only another company form the list with importers… we want to be the first choice. This is why we care so much about our customers, about you: the products you need, at the price that you expect, with the service you deserve.

The quality of items we sell is controlled directly at our suppliers’ premises. We visit factories and manufacturers, inspect their offers and choose the best ones for our customers. Every item goes through stringent, multi-phase quality tests.

Most of our suppliers have assured quality certificates. We choose the optimal delivery means, according to our customers’ current requirements.

We have the ambitions to maintain close and friendly relations with partners from all over the world and to expand the range of products and services that we offer.